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Rules & Regulations
  1. Maintenance of DISCIPLINE within the College campus is of utmost importance. Any student involved in RAGGING of any sort directly or indirectly shall be dismissed from the college immediately in addition to facing action by the law enforcing authorities. An undertaking to this effect is to be signed by both Students and Parents. Students expelled on grounds of indiscipline will not be entitled to any refund of any fees or deposit.
  2. Individually a minimum of 85% attendance is required in all classes. Anyone who fails to adhere to this shall not be permitted to take the examinations. Unauthorized absence is liable for fine and punishment. Punctuality is a must for each lecture class laboratory and clinical session.
  3. Attendance to internal tests is compulsory and leave / absence shall not be permitted.
  4. Students should maintain good academic progress and conduct, which are prerequisites to appear for university examinations.
  5. A student can avail leave only with prior sanction from the concerned HOD / Principal. When leave is availed for unforeseen / inevitable reasons, the leave application must be made available on returning from leave, to the HOD / Principal.
  6. Students are expected to never use ethnic slur, be courteous, polite and behave with decorum within and outside the campus so as to not bring any bad name to the college.
  7. Every student must follow and obey the rules / regulations of the institution, preserve the property of the institution and discharge his / her duties as a student with honour, diligence and fidelity.
  8. Usage of mobile is discouraged inside the campus.
  9. Tobacco / alcohol / drugs usage is strictly prohibited within the campus and anyone found doing so shall be punished.
  10. Transfer / Adjustment of fee from one institution to another institution is not permitted by the management.
  11. Students dismissed on disciplinary grounds will forfeit their entire Fees.


  • All students in the campus should wear clean and appropriate attire.
  • The boys are expected to be in formal pants, with the shirt neatly tucked in and in polished leather shoes. Any other dress and footwear is not permitted.
  • The girls should wear sarees OR churidars with duppatta.
  • All students must wear white over coat.
  • Every student must wear the Photo Identity Card issued by the College.
  • No student shall be allowed inside the campus without the identity Card.