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Department of plastic surgery at MGMCRI has commenced to provide its elusive services from February 2013. The Department provides a full spectrum of services ranging from hand surgeries, cancer reconstruction surgeries, aesthetic and cosmetic surgeries, burns, congenital anomalies (cleft lip & palate) surgeries,   trauma defect reconstruction surgeries etc., High quality and result oriented treatment with utmost patient care are provided especially for burns, hand injuries and lower limb reconstruction surgeries. Micro-neurovascular surgeries (microsurgery) are performed here with good result outcome.

Our team of medical experts here provides effective and long lasting solutions even to the most complex cosmetic deformity problems. Our procedures are done with latest highly technically advanced equipments.

We are  leaders  in lip and palate  correction bringing  smiles  to  many  children  with  cleft  lip and palate and in their parents who had lost hope due to their child’s deformity. Along with our other supportive departments like General Surgery, orthopaedics, Oral  and maxillo  facial  Surgery, Pediatrics we provide utmost care to all the patients.

MGMCRI, being the   most comprehensive   multi- specialty   tertiary   care   center is fully equipped to treat   all the plastic surgery problems like

  • Tendon repair & reconstruction, Nerve and artery  repair &  reconstruction, Hand fracture surgery, Tendon transfer surgeries, Hand infections, Hand deformities- burns/leprosy/rheumatoid arthritis/ dupuytrens disease., Vascular anomalies- hemangioma, A V fistula, Hand soft tissue defect reconstruction, Compression neuropathies- carpal tunnel syndrome,Congenital defects-syndactyly / polydactyly.,
  • Cancer defect reconstruction (Abdomen, chest, leg, hand), Cancer breast reconstruction, Head & neck cancer reconstruction (Lip, Cheek, Eyelid, Nose and ear, Scalp)
  • Head n neck- cleft lip & cleft palate, Genitalia-    hypospadias, Ear – microtia, Hand-     syndactyly/polydactyly, Hemangioma (face, lip, ear), Sternal cleft, Meningomyelocoele, Torticollis / webbed  neck
  • Thermal burns injury, Post     burn     deformity   correction/reconstruction, Electrical injuries and  Chemical burns
  • Liposuction   (body contouring), Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck surgery), Gynecomastia               (male breast correction), Rhinoplasty  (nose correction), Blepharoplasty    (eyelid correction  ), Facelift   (  aging face correction), Breast surgery  (reduction  &  augmentation), Lip  correction
  • Hand injuries, Foot & leg defect reconstruction,Nerve injuries (Facial nerve, peripheral nerve injuries) ,Facial injuries (Nose, eyelid, ear, cheek defects), Facial fractures (Mandble/zygoma/maxilla/orbit    fractures)
  •  Diabetic ulcer, Pressure sore , Lymphedema wounds, Cancer radiation ulcers, Chronic non healing wounds, Arterial &venous ulcers
  • Keloid treatment, Scar treatment ( hypertrophic scars, stretched scars....), Mole excision (facial moles), Flap surgeries and skin grafting, Fat grafting, Lymphedema surgery, Facial palsy, Vascular   anomalies   ( facial  hemangioma)